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The Shadow's Claw Trilogy, Volume II


The ranger of Greenwood has found his way through the wilds of Marlsbeth across land, sea, and fire to gather the union of the wizard.  Banion and his companions find themselves at the dwellings of the grey dragon Vanzoldim who serves a flesh-feasting desire.  Through the scaled catalyst their winding course might further the quest amidst these ill-starred times if only his words are unfurled.    

Banion has found their stride to unraveling the great mystery of the Shadows Claw.  In so doing the righteous guild garners the attention of their cunning foe Lord Gim stoking the embers of his thirsty lamp. 

The Dark Armies shall confront this rebellion with the cause of war-making.  The truth of the citadel of Irean and its lineage would be revealed.  A new evil looms in the eaves of Marlsbeth.  This presence is unsettling to Mandivor, the wise mage.  Such forces would no doubt invite the tides of war upon Marlsbeth.  Such would require a Journey into Darkness…