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The Shadow's Claw Trilogy, Volume I

Years passed before one night the Advocate returned from time abroad and issued quest-taking to one ranger. Banion departed to reclaim that which was lost, and would cast forth the verdict of man. Wise Mandivor plotted this defender of justice and gave the green ranger an advantage in the wilds. On this journey, he would learn many things to piece together the brokenness of Marlsbeth.


Old alliances would find a reason to aid in an adventure that might yield the fruits of freedom to a domain where hope was once lost.  The dwarves of Underearth would offer their hammer and ax against the Dark Armies.  The elves of the grove might give the union a strong aim against conspiring forces.  From mountain deep, an answer would be sought from the great tohrt Vanzoldim. 


In a rich world found plagued by the creatures of darkness hope will rise.