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Author Steven David Sims

ABOUT AUTHOR Steven David Sims

                Born October 18th, 1974 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, my family shortly thereafter moved to Florida.  I have lived happily to this day in central Florida.


                Now, I enjoy the most important roles of my life; proud father and husband.  This is the duty I shall always enjoy and celebrate most.


                My father David stimulated my imagination as far back as I can recall with campfire tales, and his love for the science fiction/fantasy realm.  He would watch the old black and white Superman TV show, and the Hobbit cartoon, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and the like with me and my older brother Randy.


                I did not grow up with a natural fondness of reading, and actually quite the contrary, I am sad to say (other than comic books that is).  I have always had a love for the superhero genre, spawned by my earliest memories of Santa bringing me action figures and whatnot.  Likewise my love of such movies, and TV shows kindled these fires.  A list too lengthy to dare try to hash-out!  C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien, Robert E. Howard, are writers I highly respect.

              Music and art have always inhabited a big spot in my heart, and without it this book could never have been written. 


Thanks and admonishments to my Lord, and Savior, Christ Jesus.