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ABOUT AUTHOR Steven David Sims

                I was born in the fall of 1974 in Minnesota.  My family shortly thereafter moved to Florida.  I have lived happily to this day in central Florida.


                I now enjoy the most important roles of my life; proud father and husband.  This is the duty I shall always enjoy and celebrate most.


                My father David stimulated my imagination as far back as I can recall with campfire tales, and his love for the science fiction/fantasy realm.  He would watch the old black and white Superman TV show, and the Hobbit cartoon, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and the like with me and my older brother.


                I did not grow up with a natural fondness of reading, and actually quite the contrary, I am sad to say (other than comic books that is).  I have always had a love for the superhero genre, spawned by my earliest memories of Santa bringing me action figures and whatnot.  Likewise my love of such movies, and TV shows kindled these fires.  A list too lengthy to dare try to hash-out!  C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien, Robert E. Howard, are writers I highly respect.  Not to mention the bygone tales such as the Denham Tracts, Beowulf, The Elder and Poetic Edda, and King Heidrick the Wise.

              Music and art have always inhabited a big spot in my heart, and without it these book could never have been written. 


Thanks and admonishments to my Lord, and Savior, Christ Jesus and to His glory.